The campus is located in the City of Yong In, very close to Seoul, the Capital City. It is easily accessible by public transportation. Yong In City is one of the largest cities in Korea providing students with a wealth of arts, culture both traditional and contemporary, international dining and many other recreational activities.

Collaborated International Schools:

SEMINARY (미국 2017)
OF THEOLOGY (미국2018)

Program Overview:(Short Term Program)

Calvin International Summer & Winter program provides students to open window into Korea with language courses and cultural events. Especially it tries help Christian ministry and outreach through the intense programs of lectures and activities, global studies focusing on multilateral culture and language. Courses will be offered by some of the top faculty members in English or in bilingual. Swept by Hanryu(the Korean Cultural Wave), thousands of visitors from East Asia, India, as well as from the U.S.A. and European countries, they are eager to learn about it and adapt it to their major fields. During the short term period it will also give the great opportunities learning and performing k-pop music through the Department of Applied Music at school with excellent performing faculty members. Special lectures will be given on Christian theology, missiology, education, Korean language and culture with its traditional custom for the preparation of their international job career. To sum up the courses:

1. Christian Theology

2. Korean Language(basic/ intermediate/ advanced)

3. Korean society and culture(traditional, contemporary)

4. K-pop and Contemporary Christian music performing arts.

5. Tour Korea with travel agency(once a week)

*All the courses will be given in English or in bilingual.

Application form for International Students

Application Materials:

1. application form

2. official verification of student

3. one passport size photo

4. application fee

5. Resume(academic history/ professional history)

6. Certificate of Graduation



1. All students are currently enrolled at college or at the equivalent level institutions.

2. Applicants must be the high school graduates or at the high school level institutions graduates. For the graduate applicants, one should have Bachelor’s Degree or the equivalent.

3. English proficiency or Korean proficiency required.

Academic Degrees Calvin University Offers:

◆ Undergraduate Schools:

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

in Christian Theology/

Child Educare/

Welfare Counseling/

Child & Youth Welfare Counseling/

Global Culture Industry Management/

▸After Graduation Profession Counseling Offered

Bachelor of Music (B.M.)

Church Music/ vocal, instrumental music

Applied Music/ vocal, K-pop & contemporary Christian music

drum, composition, keyboard, base & electric guitar

▸After Graduation Profession Counseling Offered

◆ Graduate Schools:

Master of Arts (M.A.)

in Social welfare

Psychology of Counseling

Child Educare

Art Therapy


Global Studies

▸After Graduation Profession Counseling offered

Theology Master(Th.M.)

in Theology

Master of Divinity(M.Div.)

in Pastoral Ministry

Master of Ministry (M.M) - Evening School

Philosophy Doctorate(Ph. D.)

in Theology

▸After Graduation Profession Counseling offered

Service and Support for International Students:

1. International Students Office Counseling

2. Airport Pick-up (for new comers-dormitory residents)

3. Counseling for admission to Undergraduate & Graduate

4. Assistance in applying for dormitories for freshmen. (during semesters only)

(* summer & winter school included)

5. Orientation

6. Assistance in sightseeing programs.

7. Providing Insurance Information

8. Introduction of Cultural Programs & Events

9. Relating Korean Language programs at Calvin Korean Language programs for preparation TOPIK.

10. 50% of tuition and fee scholarship

Exchange Student Program:(Mid Term Program)

Calvin University offers exchange student program for those who want to study for a semester or a year. They can participate in the classes and other related programs to earn the credits.

The classes are offered in English, Korean or in bilingual. Special studies on Global culture studies for their ministry in English can be given for exchange students.

▸Special benefit will be given to them.

1)For exchange students Calvin university will provide the scholarship the part which excels the tuition and fee at the college they belong to.

2)The credits they earn at Calvin University should be admitted by the agreement after the return to their colleges.

  Please submit all the materials to the Registration office.

  Graduate School  

  ph.(031) 284-4484/ Fax (031)284-9620


  ph. (031)284-4752

  Fax. (031)284-4588


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